Rabu, 31 Agustus 2016

(Poem) : Cell

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What am I?
I ‘m not supposed to tell you this
This person thinks that I’m programmed
Since I do the same routines every day
I don’t think
I don’t speak
Yet I have a job
I don’t work alone
Some of us are identical
Something attacks, we defend
I got sick once
Then I was gone
But here I am
Another me
I don’t think
I don’t speak
Energy is a buddy of mine
It doesn’t die

While I die so many times

Selasa, 30 Agustus 2016

(Poem) : Lost

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Mindless beasts we once were
No evil thought, no mercy
No ambition, no trick
Civilization, meaning what?
For the more chaos it brought
The universe we know
Order is not in order
The conscious creature is what we are
We’re no better
We’re just lost souls
We’ll remain lost
No saviour
Only ourselves hurting each other
Hurting others who mother us
The animals, the plants, the air, the ground
For what?
The big belly to feed
The pride
Oh man, we live that way
We’ll sink for sure

It’s food for thought